Friday, 16 December 2016

Falkirk Conclusion

This is the second half of play of the scenario.

Scots are engaged on the left flank by numerous Government troops.
This ended badly for the Jacobite cause.

Lord Argylle and his French advisor Capitaine Homarde watch the forward
assault dwindle before the Hanovarian line. A small cadre of highlanders
form behind the Lord to muster the retreating remnants.

A mighty clash of horse and highland swords. The Jacobites stand and the close
combat is a draw with light casualties for each side. The battle closes with no rematch.

The Royal Ecossois is lectured by French advisor, Chevalier-Capitaine Candias.
Bold highlanders forward vainly attempt to breach the Hanovarian line.
Lord and Lady Murray look on as the Jacobite charge on the right flank
cannot manage a breach.

French Regulars guard the Bonnie Prince on the high ground.
Due to the horrid weather conditions, the visibility is poor to the face of battle.
The after battle report will not favour the Jacobites.
Their retreat to Carlyle and back to Scotland is now assured.

Last Jacobites on the right flank meet too much resistance from Hanoverians and Glasgow militia.
They retreat into the mists soon after this picture.
The Government camp can be seen in the close close to the battle line.
To the top left of the shot, General Henry Hawley can be seen with his footmen.
He has not clearly seen a single Scot the whole battle due to the poor visibility.
His report to the Duke of Cumberland will prove interesting.

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